About us


HAYAT and HAYAT LAW FIRM (Auditors, Solicitors, Advocates, Tax & Corporate Consultant) Chartered Accountants was established in 1984 by Malik Muhammad Hayat Awan. The firm has an experience of over two decades.


We envisage being a firm known and established for our principled and honest business practices.


  • To be the finest organization in the service industry and to conduct its business in the best possible professional manner.
  • To seek long term and good relations with our clients.
  • To build a good repute of our institution and maintain high professional and ethical standards with eyes on the future.
  • To conduct business with integrity and strive to make a mark in Financial, Corporate, and Management, Human Resource and Information Technology consultancy sectors.
  • To be a good corporate organizations by fulfilling our social, moral and professional responsibilities.

The Philosophy of the firm is to provide dedicated services to each client with a firm commitment of quality work. The experts along with the staff of adequately knowledgeable people thrive to come up to the standard and requirements of the clients, by delivering excellent services within the given time frame.

The firm has established an effective system of quality control designed to provide it with reasonable assurance that the firm and its personnel comply with professional standards and regulatory and legal requirements, and that reports issued by the firm or engagement partner(s) are appropriate in the circumstances.

The firm has satisfactory QCR rating issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan. The firm is also on the panel of The State Bank of Pakistan and on the panel of Stock Exchange.


HAYAT & HAYAT LAW FIRM (Auditors, Solicitors, Advocates, Tax & Corporate Consultant) Chartered Accountants is committed to the professional and ethical standards as set out by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan and is bound by confidentiality. All the information and knowledge gained about clients business and financial affairs is kept in the strictest confidence. Quality control is maintained by peer review within the firm among other control measures.